Thursday, June 18, 2009


hello ex-classmates, I hope the guys are enjoying yourselves serving the country, clubbing, getting pissed drunk and to the girls and I, holidays are ending soon. Time to work hard. Hahaha.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

greetings from malaysia

hello classmates, woohoo, it's been a great holiday and before I say anything, I just hope everybody here GO GET FACEBOOK!!! It's great, it's fun, it's.... i dunno what la. just get facebook!!!

meanwhile, happy new year and happy chinese new year to each and everyone of you.

anyway, to all the guys (except Shannon). I hope you enjoy your NS. and enjoy lights out time. no more alcohol for gomes and most importantly have fun.

to Shannon, have fun with all the girls..

to the girls... have fun with Shannon... and erm... have fun if you are working or whatever la. hahaha.

do visit me in Muar. only 2 hours bus ride away. come come come.. I'm so freaking bored...

bye bye..


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas :DD

HELLO :DDD this is like my first post after 2years! and our class blog is like stagnant, mosquitoes can grow:/
but nvm my lovely post shall save it. :)

anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS my lovely class:DDD and hope everyone recovers from fever/cough/flu/lack of alcohol (for eg. gomez)/eating too much chicken skin.
photos:DD i finally have photos because im finally like smart enough to bring my camera cos nobody ever sends photos :/
anywayyyy, the xmas party was quite successful right:D bcos not everyone brought chicken/mini turkeys cos luckily sheila helped in organising. :)
anddd and also cos our first three months classmates came toooo:Dsorry, got gomez inside :( eeyer :P

and look at the photos in my cam, they are all like open mouth, retarded looking photos bcos my cam is the slowest and everyone pose finish alr and start to do rubbish stuff and my poor cam captures all of these :

haha this photo is funny! look at everyone's expressions :x
i think we're like competing who can open our mouth biggest!

kay the more decent photos :)

yay im a guitar hero :D hahaha okay la i cant play :/but can pose right.
AND look at our pretty christmas tree, nicest tree ever.
and hello everybody, this is mr shannon tay's present. hahahaah!!! poor junkai.
okayyy enjoy your christmas everyone :DD and the rest of the hols for the guys before gng to army :/
LOVEE <3,>
and a happy new year too!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Everything you wanted to know about 07s44... and more!

this is supposed to spell EARLY! (for lecture)

sorry guys long overdue! but, enjoy...

07S44 presents:


sigh... those were the days... :)

and now some artistic shots


Monday, November 17, 2008

So far....

You know it was just slightly less than 2 months ago when Mr See Ann, Aaron and I were standing outside the school hall, waiting for the doors to open to face the final prelim paper which was the Physcics MCQ. And I was telling See Ann that, WAH!!! Today damn shiok, finally after more than a month the prelims is going to end today. Aaron was like yeah yeah, shiok shiok. See Ann replied, the next time you are standing outside here waiting to go in for your Physics MCQ would be the most shiok one. Those words sent shockwaves through me.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, that very shiok day is finally going to come tomorrow and although I won't be able to share the joy of finishing the A Level's with you guys, I just want to say congratulations and well done and enjoy yourselves in Australia or Zouk or Taiwan or Krabi or Tekong or any where else. You will finally be able to wake up from bed without that lingering thought in your mind that you should be studying this and studying that and all that shit. The two months since Mr See Ann said those words have flown past in just a blink of an eye.

These two years have be one heck of a journey to me and I don't think I need to go into details. We all have the memories in your heads and that's the most important thing. I never thought that I would be so proud of my Singaporean friends....

Saviour the moment people. Its the final final final final stretch now... Don't slow down and showboat like Usain Bolt. That shiok day has finally arrived :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

emo nemo

hello beautiful people of 07s44 and friends! well, with the exception of gomez lah. i say torres wins hands down. but since he's taken, jmort im sorry you gonna have to be satisfied with gomez.

WELL... im blogging on the last day of freedom before we all get sentenced to 2 and a 1/2 weeks (3 1/2 for andrew. heehee) in hell hall. i seriously cannot believe that the all intimidating A LEVELS are just, tomorrow. how surreal is THAT. gosh. but honestly, i really feel more sad than scared. i guess the mundaneness of studying, studying and studying since who the hell knows when has kinda numbed that sense of fear i should be having. part of me wants this to end as soon as possible so i can finally know what day it is and watch tv guilt free. but a HUUUGE part of me is sad that all this is gonna end, for good. boohoo. im sad that i wont have assemblies for me to sit at the back of the hall with my abangs conveniently forgetting that we have a lesson to go for. that i wont have to wear uniforms ever again (except if one of you clowns decide to work at mcdonalds). that i wont have to tiptoe my way around the school to escape the lion's wrath. that i wont get to imitate mr lim in front of him. that i wont get to skip lectures just cos, my stomach told me to. that i wont get scolded by leebeemoey for coming in late, or for not doing her hw, or for sleeping in class, or for... just about everything lah! and shit, just maybe, i may be sad im not gonna mug for 2 years.

but most of all, im sad im gonna leave my claaasssss. these 2 years have been just about the best ive had since 2 years ago. and i know its cliche, but im really gonna miss all of yoooouuuuu. see ann's inspirational phrases, gomez's indian chest hair, hoiteng the retard, audrey the tiny, fanny the panny, cheryl the seller, andrew the malaysian, yufang the peaceful, jingdermort the violent, xianyong the... eh? xianyong pon sch again?, jieru the shifu, aaron the mohammad, sheila the never hungry, hoiteng the retard, bernard's mum, ct's shopping centre announcer voice, AND THE LIST GOES ON.

so i hope the hall is not the last place we'll ever meet my beloved classmates, and i'd just like to say I LOVE 07S44! all the best guys!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good looking guys

Eh let's have competition.

Gomes vs Torres, who's better.....

Both of them can kick ball..

One plays for Liverpool the other for Victoria

One's white, one's black

Kenneth GooooooooooooooooooMEZ


Fernandooooo ToooooooooooooooooRES

Eh, both the names rhymes ah. Hahaha..



Jingdemort simply says: " Haih.....TORRES LAH!!! BUT...... He's married!!!" and proceeds to Avada Kedavra Gomes

Meanwhile, Hoi Teng......

Acts cute, wanting to catch the attention of Go..., I mean Torres whilst Sheila says dream on, he's mine!!!!!

Fanny prefers to go to sleep and dream about godknowswhat...

Aaron says, Ak Ar, not interested in soccer sialah bang..

Gomes says, I want a better picture!!! I'm better than TORRES!!! This time I want to include Cheryl's eye too!!!

Goodnight. I'm off to bed